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At Essentra Filter Products, we have found that successful product development comes from working in close and confidential partnership with our customers to ensure we provide solutions that can fulfil their consumers' brand aspirations. Filter specifications can be individual to brands, blends and manufacturers and are developed to meet a particular requirement. An example of this is the Chinese Solutions Range specifically tailored for the Chinese market.

Our wide product categories reflect the consumer trends in the cigarette industry and provide our customer with many options to meet their particular brand objectives. Of course, Essentra also works jointly with customers to develop filters which will be unique to that manufacturer or manufacturer brand.

Our dedicated Technology Centre is continuously researching new materials and processes and works in close co-operation with material suppliers, research bodies and universities to ensure we offer our customers the latest in filter technology and materials.

Our strategically-positioned global manufacturing facilities ensure our products are delivered in a timely and cost-effective way to meet customers’ requirements.

  • Sensory Range

    This new range is designed to appeal to one or all of your customers’ senses.

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  • Advantage Range

    Using intelligent, balanced cigarette design to provide better overall value, without compromising on taste or brand quality.

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  • Icon Range

    Built on Essentra's cornerstones of quality and innovation, the Icon range will make your brand look different. So customers will look at your brand differently.

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  • Super Slim Range

    A new range that has all the benefits of our innovative, high quality, standard size special filters in an elegant Super Slim configuration.

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  • Earth Tones Range

    The Earth Tones Range is being cultivated specially with the environment in mind. It embodies Essentra Filter Products' commitment to degradable and sustainable products.

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  • Super Premium Range

    Provides your brand with über quality and brand differentiation. Each filter featured in this range can add value to your brand proposition in terms of performance or visual capabilities, smoking or taste experience.

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  • Performance Range

    Tar, Carbon Monoxide and Vapour Reduction filter solutions that meet the many different government legislative demands whilst still providing the desired consumer taste experience.

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  • Visual Differentiation Range

    Differentiate your brand and apply a unique end appearance. You can use visual appearance to indicate a flavour, a particular attribute, a brand logo or simply to visually differentiate your brand.

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  • Retro Range

    Includes current trend classics to differentiate your brand and provide your consumers with an all time in-vogue smoking experience.

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  • Value Range

    Our Value Range provides standard filtration capabilities at highly competitive prices.

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  • Traditional Range

    Offers a variety of mono-acetate, carbon and flavour filters that are part of many of the world's leading cigarette brands.

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  • Alternative Material Range

    Add value to your brand with an Essentra special filter, and even more value with an alternative material.

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